About Ulf Löfgren


Ulf Löfgren, 1931–2011, was one of Sweden´s most successful illustrators and created an impressive number of books.

For more than 45 years Ulf Löfgren enriched Sweden with children´s books with titles as ”The wonderful tree”, ”Patricks workshop”, ”The tale about the two magic wands” and the books about ”Ludde” and ”Albin” – his most loved characters. He also made the pictures to the classic swedish TV-program ”Pellepennan and Suddagumman” and beside his own books he often illustrated others work – for example the tales of H.C. Andersen. In the 1990s Ulf Löfgren illustrated the first swedish bible for children, ”Bibel för barn”, a comprehensive work that took more than three years to finish.

Ulf Löfgren´s artistry was unique and comparisons have often been made with the old painters of gourd. The thread thru his production was the humor, the warmth and the slightly twisted way of looking at things . Many of his books are known outside Sweden – he is translated to about 20 languages. His debut was in 1959 with the book ”The children in the jungle” that immediately became success and was rewarded with the plaque of Elsa Beskow.

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Some of the prizes and awards that Ulf Löfgren have received through the years:

1960 The Elsa Beskow award
1971 Award in Bratislava (The Wonderful Tree)
1971 Bronzemedal in Internationale Buchkunst Austellung i Leipzig(The Wonderful Tree)
1972 Honoured in 5:th Biennale des Arts Graphiques in Brno
1973 Award in Bratislava (Tuffa Gumman)
1975 Award in Bratislava (The Magic Kite)
1977 Grand Prix BIB i Bratislava (Harlequin)
1988 Österreichische Kinder Sachbuchspreis  (The children on the Island of La Pacanda)
1991 Knut V Pettersson scholarship by Svenska Tecknare (Swedish Illustrators Association)


The children in the jungle Liten-Regnbåge
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